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Basement Waterproofing – 3 Methods To Keep Your Home Dry

Why do so many movie producers portray basements as dungeons? It’s simple—these rooms are notorious for being dark, humid, and damp. Unfortunately, as a homeowner, this is a recipe for disaster. But with the right basement waterproofing techniques, it’s possible to keep your home bone dry all year.

  1. Total excavation

Moisture and your home’s foundation are not a good match. The best way to prevent outside wall cracking and water seepage is with the total excavation waterproofing method. A contractor will dig a trench around the perimeter of the foundation, down to the footing. After replacing damaged footer tiles, the contractor will seal the wall using a combination of waterproofing materials, such a plastic or tar.

Contractors often recommend this method because it offers superior moisture protection. If water can’t find its way inside your basement, the room will stay dry. However, this solution requires a lot of skill and takes longer to complete. You’ll also have to say goodbye, at least temporarily, to the landscaping around your home’s perimeter.

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  1. Interior waterproofing systems

Sometimes, the best way to address a damp basement is from the inside. Interior basement waterproofing involves installing drains around the perimeter of the room. To do this, you’ll want to funnel water to the footer using a trench, pipe, and gravel system. Any water that gets inside the room will travel through the trench and drain outside of your house.

Water often gets trapped inside basement walls, especially if you have concrete blocks. Drilling weep-holes will help prevent this from happening. These holes will release moisture and send it into the trench. Be aware, however, that although this method protects your basement’s interior, it doesn’t do much to keep your outside foundation dry.

  1. Combination systems

If you want superior water protection, you need to address all the ways that moisture can affect your foundation. While the other methods either keep the foundation or interior walls dry, combining these techniques is the best option. Not only will your outside wall be less likely to crack, but your interior space will also remain dry.

Furthermore, multi-step waterproofing also alleviates pressure from the base of the foundation. This added benefit protects the foundation from crumbling. Since your basement will feel dry all year, this method will create more usable living space in your home.

Investing in basement waterproofing will not only keep your home more comfortable, but it will also improve your resale value. Buyers don’t want to buy a house that needs a lot of renovation work. Dry basements don’t grow mold, and you won’t have to worry about hidden foundation damage. Best of all, you’ll trade in your damp dungeon for a dry space that your family will enjoy.

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