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Tips for Hiring a New Foundation Repair Contractor after a Failed Job Louisville, KY

Tips for Hiring a New Foundation Repair Contractor after a Failed Job Louisville, KY

When you hire a foundation repair contractor, it is vital that you do your due diligence. You should not only research the contractor that you intend to hire thoroughly but also learn about the repair solution that they intend to apply to your foundation prior to hiring them. This will help to improve the outcome of the repair project. 

However, even after carrying out due diligence, you may find that you’re experiencing problems with the contractor. For example, they may provide poor workmanship and this may result in the failure of the foundation repair solution. Below, we provide tips to help you bring on a new contractor to complete the job and ensure better results. 

Should You Hire a New Contractor? 

It can seem like quite an inconvenience to have to hire a new contractor. However, there are many benefits to breaking an agreement and seeking a new foundation repair contractor. 

1. You will avoid foundation failure 

Foundation repair is a job that should be approached with care and attention. If your contractor is not providing you with a high standard of workmanship or has made other mistakes in the repair process, you may experience foundation failure. 

2. You will save money 

It may seem more expensive to hire a different contractor when you have already spent money on the work done by a different contractor. It can be tempting to stick to the same contractor and have them complete the job. However, if you experience foundation failure due to poor repair practices, you will have to spend even more money on repairing your foundation in the future. Foundation failure can also result in problems in other parts of the home which will also require repair. Hiring a different contractor now will help you avoid future spending. 

Tips for Hiring a New Contractor 

Here are a few steps to take to help you through the process of hiring a new foundation repair contractor

1. Terminate your agreement with your current contractor

If you’re hiring a new contractor prior to the completion of the repair project, you will need to terminate your contract with your current contractor. It is important to pay close attention to the terms of the contract while doing so. You should pay attention to your obligations and rights as laid down in the contract. If there are items in the contract that aren’t clear, be sure to have an attorney guide you on the best approach to take. 

2. Do your due diligence 

It is important to learn as much as possible about the new contractor prior to hiring them. You should read reviews about them, ask them to provide proof of their credentials as well as references. Check with their references and ensure that you’re hiring a reputable, experienced and skilled contractor. 

3. Explain the situation to them 

Be honest about the situation and explain what happened with the previous contractor. Have them inspect the foundation and determine the best approach to repairing the damage.

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