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There are many reasons for wall cracks, but the following four are some of the most common causes. One thing that you can be sure of when you find cracks in your walls is that there is an underlying reason for them. Walls are not naturally prone to cracking, so when they do, it’s essential to look for a cause. Whether these cracks are stair-stepped, vertical, or horizontal, they should not be there. The best way to diagnose the issue and determine why it’s happening is to call for a professional inspection. The inspection is free and will provide you with a wealth of helpful information.

  1. Houses Settle

Have you ever heard a strange creak or sound in your home, and had someone tell you that the house is settling? They are probably right, houses all settle. In some cases, the settling causes cracks in the walls. That is due to the soil underneath the house.

Wall Cracks | Lexington, KY | Bonedry Waterproofing

  • Thin small cracks in a wall due to settling are not a significant concern.
  • Any crack in the foundation of your home should get checked out. That is how water gets into the basement, and that can cause a host of problems.
  • Larger cracks due to soil changes can be a significant concern and should get checked out as soon as possible.
  1. Too Much Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is when the soil gets pressed up against your basement walls. It can be so significant that it causes the walls in the basement to crack. That is due to rain causing the soil to expand. As it extends from the rain, it’s pushed against the walls more than it should be and causes cracking.


  1. Beautiful Trees Can Have Large Roots

Before you plant trees on your property, consider how large the tree is going to get. If you plant the tree too close to the house, the roots can grow out enough to reach the house. As the tree roots expand and grow towards the foundation, it can cause cracks in the walls. Many times, when you buy a home, there are already trees on the property, so you have no say in where they get planted. During your inspection, you’ll learn whether trees are the culprit. Often, the only option is to have the trees cut down.

  1. There’s Not Much You Can Do About the Weather

Even in the winter, there are warmer days and colder days. Cold days cause freezing, then the sun comes out and causes thawing. This freezing and thawing cycle can cause cracks in your wall.

Fortunately, some professionals can not only inspect and diagnose the issues, but they can also come up with a plan to fix them. There are several methods for repairing foundation issues and waterproofing your basement. They will work with you to find the one that works best for your situation and your budget.

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