07 May 2015

foundation-repair-kentucky-2Now that you have moved to your new home, it is understandable that nothing can diminish your joy. Indeed, owning your own home is a dream many would like to achieve early. However, experts have a way of rightly dimming such joy; take for instance foundation damage, would you have thought of that?

Could you have thought your beautiful home would require foundation repair this early? Well, the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) says rapid construction, poor standards and materials are just some of reasons causing such damage.

Danger Signs to Look Out for

Dangers involved include collapse of your home and as such before you lose the jewel of your eye, why not look out for these signs and immediately call a professional when you notice them?

  1. Interior Wall Cracks

There are myriad causes of these cracks including movement of clay soil, hydrostatic pressure due to surface or ground water, poor construction among others. All these lead to too much pressure on your home’s foundations thus compromising its integrity. You must therefore watch out for these early signs.

  1. External Cracks

While internal cracks are easy to detect, those on the outer foundation walls are more elusive. As such, you should be on the lookout every time you move around the house. Indeed, CFA says that over 90% of houses that require repairs showed cracks on the outer walls.

  1. Misaligned Doors and Windows

This presents another common interior problem you might have the temptation to correct by cutting your doors or windows. Well, before you carry out this DIY project, make sure you call a professional foundation contractor to have a look at the foundation. These experts have skills, and exposure to notice anything amiss thus saving you a lot of devastation.

  1. Sloping Floors

If you place a ball in one corner and it rolls off to another point there is a big underlying problem and it is not with the ball. At this point, you need to consult a local expert who will come in with the right gear and skills to carry out tests and then recommend the right solution.

Truth be told, noticing these problem requires you to be a keen homeowner. Keep in mind the fact that you sacrificed for years to own your dream home and this will motivate you to keep an eye out for any foundation problem.

When you leverage professional foundation repair, these experts will offer effective solutions including concrete piers and pilings, slab jacking, soil injection, moisture barriers, steel piling, helical piers among many others.

These experts know the best solution for the type of foundation problem you have, why take any chances with your precious investment?