17 Nov 2017

Basement Waterproofing

Water is life. Without it we would not be able to survive. However, water is also a source of destruction. It can destroy your home and you may lose all that you’ve invested in your property.

If you’ve noticed damp walls in your basement, it’s time for basement waterproofing. If you want to ensure the best results, avoid these 4 mistakes:

  1. Ignoring a damp basement

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make when it comes to basement waterproofing is to ignore the need for waterproofing in the first place. However, this is probably one of the most common mistakes homeowners make.

Ignoring a damp basement won’t make the problem go away. In fact, it will only make it worse. By ignoring the problem, you’re only creating a worse problem. You are likely to experience:

  • Damage to furniture and fixtures,
  • The development of an unhygienic space
  • Costly foundation repair
  • Flooding in your basement
  • Deterioration of your foundation
  • Creating an unusable space in your basement
  • A reduction in the value of your home

A stitch in time saves nine. This is the philosophy to have when it comes to your basement. Never leave waterproofing off for too long.

  1. Attempting to DIY

Basement waterproofing isn’t and never will be a DIY job. Even though there are many DIY waterproofing kits in the market, the job requires a certain level of skill, expertise and experience. You may believe that you’re saving money by doing the job yourself, but are in reality going to send much more. Your lack of experience and knowledge is likely going to result in inaccuracies and even more problems. You’ll eventually have to call in a professional.

  1. Not taking the time to choose the right contractor

Not all waterproofing contractors are up to the task. It’s important to take your time to carry out research and hire a professional. Hiring the wrong contractor can result in various complications including:

  • Problems with installed waterproofing system
  • Further damage of the foundation
  • Extra cost of hiring another contractor to fix problems
  1. Having unnecessary work done

Some contractors may insist on having extra work done that may not be necessary. It’s always a good idea to seek a second opinion before you commit to any job. You should also make the effort of staying informed in order to make a good decision.

Waterproofing doesn’t have to be the nightmare many people believe it to be. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll have a better experience.