22 May 2015

basement-waterproofing-in-elizabethtown-ky-42701If you have owned your home for the last 7 years, it is highly likely that you have encountered foundation water leakage problems. In fact, the Basement Health Association (BHA) says over 70% of new homes develop water seepage issues within five years of construction meaning most new homeowners are in need of basement waterproofing in Elizabethtown KY 42701.

Gravity of Water Leakage

The gravity of water leakage does not get much highlight because that space down there is out of sight. However, if you consider some of the problems you can encounter including toxic black mold growth, structural cave-in, high Radon gas levels and respiratory problems, you start appreciating the necessity of waterproofing this space.

Banking on Professionals

While this is largely the age of DIY when it comes to this project, you must leverage professional contractors in the area. The Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) decries the fact that over 98% of projects carried by their members result from shoddy do-it-yourself attempts.

An established basement expert is invaluable for these reasons:

  1. Professional training: Before getting licensing in any state a contractor must have undergone specialized training in handling drainage, mold remediation, foundation repair among other certifications, which means services you get are top-notch.
  2. Lifetime warranty: When an expert waterproofs your home using the most suitable technique, such offers lifetime warranty because they are sure their services are the best. Moreover, products they use are from the most reputable brands. This saves you frequent repairs and a lot of costs.
  3. Efficiency: A reputable expert in your area has a name to protect and as such, the services gear towards 100% satisfaction. This is as opposed to a quack that is after a quick buck through follow-up basement waterproofing in Elizabethtown KY 42701.
  4. Licensed and bonded services: This project is risky and as such, you require a contractor who has insurance to avoid liability issues in case of injury or damage to property.
  5. Experience: If you hire a contractor who has years of experience in the industry then you are assured of quality service because they have exposure on any type of leakage issues. As such there is enhanced efficiency and convenience during the project with no chance for trial and error.
  6. Vast range of waterproofing solutions: Whether your space requires external or internal waterproofing, these experts have the equipment and skills needed. They can implement sealants, PVC panels, foundation crack injections, sill plate waterproofing, basement escape windows, regarding, French drain installation, sump pump system fixing and myriad other solutions.

Well, you cannot argue with the fact that these experts help you reclaim more of your living space. You will also save money, your home and your family in the same breath; talk about killing four birds with one stone?