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There are many reasons for wall cracks, but the following four are some of the most common causes. One thing that you can be sure of when you find cracks in your walls is that there is an underlying reason for them. Walls are not naturally prone to cracking, so when they do, it’s essential […]

Crawlspace Waterproofing | Louisville, KY | Bone-Dry Waterproofing

It’s important to keep a crawlspace dry and clean. Crawlspaces have a significant impact on the health and safety of the rest of the home. There are various companies that offer crawlspace waterproofing services. However, not all companies will provide you with great services. If you’re looking for a reputable company that will provide you […]

foundation waterproofing | Louisville, KY | Bone Dry Waterproofing, Inc.

Wet basements are a common occurrence because of the seepage of water through the basement wall as well as flooding when it rains. It is important to take measures to make foundation walls impermeable and ensure that any water that would flow into the basement and cause flooding is redirected or quickly drained away. This […]

Crawl Space Waterproofing | Louisville, KY

Homeowners pay anything from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for crawlspace waterproofing. It is, therefore, not surprising that some wonder whether their contractors pull figures out of thin air. The vast discrepancies in prices for crawlspace waterproofing can be attributed to the following variables. The size of the crawlspace The […]

26 Dec 2019
Crawl Space Waterproofing | Green County, KY

Crawlspace waterproofing and encapsulation is a great way to protect your home against water damage and other issues. While there are many benefits, it may not be the right decision for every homeowner. Find out more about the pros and cons so that you can determine whether it is right for your home. The pros […]

26 Oct 2019

With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is looking forward to spending much-needed quality time with friends and family. We picture a warm fire and some hot cocoa as well as great conversation and a hearty meal. No one wants to spend their holidays in a damp or flooded home. However, if you’re not […]

13 Aug 2019
Wall Cracks | Lexington, KY | Bonedry Waterproofing

No home is immune to foundation damage. If you’ve spotted signs of foundation damage such as cracks or bowing of foundation walls, you’re not alone. A recent study on insurance claims found that at least one in every 50 insured homes requires foundation repair every year. While foundations are bound to succumb to wear and […]

26 Jun 2019
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  Expansive Soil When soil expands and contracts you may experience soil that is constantly moving and shifting.  In some cases though, the movement may be a bit stronger and changes may happen faster and that is when your house feels it and it may settle or expand with noticeable foundation cracks. We have spoken […]

26 Mar 2019

Keeping Basements Dry Everyone knows that water is a necessary component for life. Nothing, and nobody, could live in a world without moisture—organisms are found wherever there is warmth and water. But when we build our homes, there are some organisms we just don’t want to share them with. Molds, insects, and other unpleasant creatures […]