13 Jun 2016

Basement Flooding in Lexington KY

So your basement is flooded. It is one the worst things that can happen to a home and it can be quite disheartening at the same for you. Water tends to get everywhere and if not acted upon right away, it can further damage a lot of property. That is one the reasons why you need to have proper basement waterproofing done to your home. It can avoid most leaks and water damage that a house can face and keep the water from entering the basement through one way or the other.

Always remember that even a little bit of moisture build up can eventually be bad for you. Wet walls will leave stains, make the wood work and drywall soggy and even become a place where mold grows freely. Here are a few things that you should not do in case of a flooded basement.

  • Try to clean it by yourself
    Unless you are the type of person who actually likes to take up projects around the house and are equipped and have the time to, do not attempt to clean the whole mess by yourself. Even a few inches of water in the basement can need a water pump to remove and few mops and a lot of grit may not be enough.
  • Allow more water in
    In most cases, the level of water will not increase after the initial flooding. That is a good thing, but it also does not mean that you should rest easy after a flooding. Find the source of water, it can be a simple downspout from a gutter or a leaking garden hose, so find it and stop it. If you are not able to find the source of water and the water level is increasing, you should have already called in the professional basement waterproofing people by then. Don’t ignore any leaks around the house, even if it is the upper floors because the water will eventually end up in the basement.
  • Go for a temporary fix
    While many consider the cost behind basement waterproofing as the biggest deterrent, think of the amount of money that you will end up spending on repairs and pumping every time it happens. Some things cannot be replaced with new things, so put down the cash for a full scale basement waterproofing

If you haven’t already, get a quote today, basement waterproofing is one of the most important things you can do for your house.