28 Apr 2017

Basement Waterproofing in Bowling Green KY

If you have been thinking about home remodeling, it is advisable to include basement waterproofing in the list of projects. It is true that basements are neglected because they are out of sight yet water problems in this living space will have a huge impact on what goes on in the rest of the house.

Why Waterproof Your Basement?

The fact that a basement is located below the ground level makes it susceptible to water seepage. This in turn leads to property damage, especially during floods. With no waterproofing, foundation walls will have to bear the brunt of hydrostatic pressure and will eventually cave in.

Worse still, toxic mold growth poses a big health risk to the house occupants and can see a spike in medical bills. In essence, a leaking basement ruins indoor air quality (IAQ) in the upper floors. The Basement Health Association (BHA) says over 60% of the air you breathe indoors originates from the basement, hence the need to prevent water seepage and control moisture in this living space.

Using a Professional for Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is a great home improvement idea which not only helps you maximize available space but also protect your valuable investment. More importantly, you will enhance the value of your home. This is the reason why you need to call in a highly qualified basement waterproofing contractor.

While many homeowners opt for DIY home improvement projects, it is advisable to use an expert when dealing with your basement. Below are some reasons why you should use a certified contractor to waterproof your basement:

  1. Diagnostic tests – Every waterproofing project starts with tests carried out using modern equipment to identify the source of the water leak. Waterproofing can start once the source has been identified.
  2. Comprehensive waterproofing – DIY waterproofing tackles symptoms and not the actual problem. For instance, epoxy injection will not fully deal with the water problem but will instead gloss over it. However, a waterproofing system such as carbon fiber or interior water drainage deals comprehensively with the underlying issue and prevents recurrence of the problem.
  3. Wide range of solutions – A waterproofing contractor can choose from various waterproofing systems to deal with the problem. Some of these solutions include sump pump installation, proper grading, external waterproofing, and interior drain tile installation among others.
  4. Service warranty – The best basement waterproofing contractor will offer a warranty which assures you of both the product and quality of workmanship.
  5. Safe waterproofing – A qualified basement contractor is fully licensed and insured. The technicians who will handle the project also carry workers’ liability cover for your protection.

Using a certified contractor to waterproof your basement is recommended to protect your family and property.