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Trying to find permanent basement waterproofing in Louisville for your home or building? Specializing in waterproofing and foundation repair, Bone Dry Waterproofing offers the best solutions for your unique situation at a competitive quote. We are so confident in our work that we will even give you a Lifetime Guarantee on most of our services!
Facts about Louisville
Louisville makes more disco balls than any other city in the U.S. At one point, the Omega National Products factory reportedly produced 90% of the country’s disco balls. Louisville owes its existence to a stretch of rapids along the Ohio River known as the Falls of the Ohio. Located just north of the city, the falls posed a barrier to boat transportation in the late 1700s, requiring travelers to stop and portage further downriver. Several communities sprang up along this stopping point, including Louisville, which was fully incorporated as a town in 1780.
Why is my basement flooding?
If you find water in your basement, you most likely wonder how this happens. Well, the short answer is the soil around your home had too much water in it, and:the water forced itself through cracks and gaps in your foundation walls or floors, your sump pump failed and backed up with water flooding your basement, or it simply came through your clogged window well.
When basements aren’t properly waterproofed or foundation issues occur, all of these answers are possible. Contact Bone Dry Waterproofing for a complementary inspection of your basement seepage in Louisville, and we will diagnose and start fixing the problem for you at an affordable price.

Why is my foundation cracking, bowing, or settling?

Like a leaking basement, there can be a few different causes of foundation issues:

As we mentioned before, hydrostatic pressure creates a lot of lateral force on your foundation, especially during heavy rains and areas with poor drainage. When the pressure gets too large, your foundation fractures, bows, and/or shifts, weakening the load capacity. Matters are made even worse in the winter when the groundwater freezes. Soil can also be a cause. When soil absorbs too much water, it can apply pressure against the walls which leads to cracks as well. When the ground is too dry it can also affect your foundation. Extremely dry dirt is brittle and provides very little support of your foundation, causing it to move, settle and crack. These issues are severe and should be taken seriously, as they weaken the structural integrity of your home. Contact Everdry Illinois when you think your foundation might have issues and we will send a professional to analyze your specific situation and create a tailored strategy. Expert basement waterproofing company that can help you with basement leaks and flooding with our waterproofing services in Louisville, KY.
Bone Dry Waterproofing is proud to be the premier basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in Louisville. Our services are permanent which is why we offer a Lifetime guarantee on most of our services. Bone Dry Waterproofing is an expert basement waterproofing company that can help you with basement leaks and flooding with our waterproofing services. We are happy to say we’ve helped many families repair their foundations and take back basements so they can enjoy their homes for a long time to come. Give us a call today so we can start helping you!


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