26 Oct 2019

Basement Waterproofing | Lexington, KY

With the holiday season around the corner, everyone is looking forward to spending much-needed quality time with friends and family. We picture a warm fire and some hot cocoa as well as great conversation and a hearty meal. No one wants to spend their holidays in a damp or flooded home. However, if you’re not careful to invest in basement waterproofing, you may spend your holiday moping water off your basement floor.

The following are common reasons basements leak during the winter.

  1. Heat from your basement melting snow

Having a nice and warm home during winter is probably one of your top priorities. Because your home is significantly warmer than the snow that is piling on the outside of your home’s foundation, it will cause the snow to melt. This results in moisture accumulating outside your basement walls. The moisture may leak into your basement as a result.

  1. Increased hydrostatic pressure

As temperatures begin to rise, snow and frozen soil melts. This results in moisture accumulating in the soil that surrounds the basement walls. As the hydrostatic pressure builds up, it pushes against the walls of the basement. The building pressure results in water being pushed through the cracks or holes of the foundation and leaking into the basement.

In some instances, the force results in bowing of the walls and the creation of new cracks. These cracks will allow even more water to leak into the basement.

Basement Waterproofing | Lexington, KY

  1. Water draining too close to the foundation walls

Runoff water from the roof is guided by the gutters and downspouts away from the foundation of the home. When gutters and downspouts are functioning well, your foundation will be protected. However, if they are leaking, clogged or draining water too close to the foundation, they will result in the accumulation of water close to your foundation.

  1. There is poor soil around your foundation

If the soil around your foundation does not drain properly, it can cause your foundation walls to leak. Clay soils, for example, absorb moisture and expand. When the levels of moisture increase in these soils, they expand even further. This results in pressure building up against the foundation walls. This can result in cracks that will allow water to leak through.

These are just a few reasons why your basement could leak this winter. Be sure to get in touch with a professional basement waterproofing contractor to address your leaking basement.

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