Battery Backup Sump Pump in Elizabethtown KY

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can invest in for your home is a battery backup sump pump. While you may want to argue that your primary sump pump is the most important equipment, you’ll realize just how important having a battery operated backup is when the main power to your home fails in the middle of a storm. Back up sump pumps also come into action when the primary pump fails due to a mechanical problem.

If you’re in the market for a battery backup sump pump, the following are some considerations to take note of:

  • The type of battery

There are two important components of the battery backup sump pump. That is, the sump pump and the battery. There are two common choices when it comes to selecting a battery. Deep Cycle Marine Batteries are similar to the batteries that were once used in older cars. Just like these old batteries, they also require e adding water as part of their regular maintenance.

If you want something modern, go for the AGM batteries. These are low maintenance and do not require the addition of water. They also run longer than the old battery types. You can use your battery for up to seven years without the need for replacing it.

  • Construction of the pump

You’ll have two choices when it comes to pump construction. Plastic construction is weak and won’t last long. Cast iron construction lasts a long time and makes for a sturdy pump. There’s really no choice between the two.

  • Capacity

The size of the pump you purchase should be determined by the amount of water the pump would need to pump out given that the primary pump is out. The backup pump should be the same capacity as the primary pump or exceed it. This ensures that the pump is able to handle the stress of taking over from the primary pump in an emergency.

  • AC/DC or DC only

You’ll have to decide on whether you want an AC/DC or DC only pump. The first type is able to operate off main current as well as on their battery power. DC only pumps can only operate on their battery power. You cannot therefore connect these pumps to your mains. DC pumps are therefore less expensive.

Talk to your basement contractor to help you determine the best sump pump for your basement.