15 Oct 2015

Basement Dehumidifiers In Nashville IN

basement-dehumidifiersWith homeowners always looking to expand living space, basements have become a favorite area of the house that helps add usable square footage to a home. However, basements often require a dehumidifier to maintain an ideal humidity range. Allergy Consumer Review states that the healthiest humidity level in a home should be at 50 percent or under to help retard mold spore growth.

Of all areas of the home, a basement is the most prone region to suffer from high humidity because the basement’s walls come into contact with the moist, cool exterior soil. The combination of cool soil temperatures and the lack of solar light helps raise the humidity levels in the basement.

A humid basement frequently causes a bevy of problems.

  • Basements are often the home base of the house’s piping system. High levels of humidity cause pipes to sweat. The wet pipes easily rust and corrode.
  • High levels of humidity in a basement damages fabrics and carpeting in the home.
  • Wood in the basement will swell and twist with excessive humidity.
  • In humid basements, surface mold starts to grow on the walls and floor. The mold damages paint and may spur an allergic reaction in individuals. People exposed to mold also suffer from more frequent colds and respiratory infections.
  • Elevated humidity makes the basement smell unpleasant. The odor quickly seeps into furniture, clothing, carpeting and other areas of the home.

Controlling the humidity in a basement makes a healthy home environment and maintains your home’s over structure.

Basement dehumidifiers successfully suck out the excessive moisture from the basement. The units are specially designed for basements and crawlspaces.

At Bone Dry Waterproofing, we specialize in making your basement a pleasant, healthy place. If you are interested in having a basement dehumidifier installed or you have basement moisture issues please contact us.