13 Mar 2018

The Basement Health Association (BHA) reckons that over 60% of the air you breathe at home comes from your basement and crawl spaces. While this might sound innocuous, the fact remains that such air can also be heavily laden with toxins such as Radon gas that seeps through the foundation cracks.

The solution that immediately pops in mind is of course a dehumidifier that reduces humidity levels. However, most of these ventilation systems just exacerbate the problem by recirculation of air within a closed loop system. This is where the ergonomically designed EZ-Breathe Ventilation System comes in handy.

How the EZ-Breathe Ventilation System Works

To appreciate how this unit works for your entire home, you have to appreciate how dehumidifiers traditionally worked. In simple terms, such units work by collecting moist air indoors through suction which is then condensed into buckets. Air is cooled in coils that form part of the component warmed and then released.

The weakness in these systems is the fact that though the components differ, the same polluted air will re-circulate and eventually your family will always suffer allergic symptoms, which, according to EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Scientific Findings Resource Bank, have increased by 700%, respiratory complications, among other health problems.

The EZ-Breathe Ventilation System works by reducing airborne moisture, reducing indoor air pollution, expelling odors, mold spores and contaminated air. This unit expels stale air and replaces it with fresh air from outside clean and drier air. In that complete cycle, you will enjoy healthier indoor air quality.

The Irrefutable Benefits

Through this complete air exchange, there is healthier humidity maintained through a HUMIDISTAT where you set desired levels. The components also include a quiet but powerful fan that surprisingly only uses the same power as a 40 watt bulb.

In summary, this contemporary solution to ventilation makes your home more accommodating. However, this is not all, you will also enjoy:

  • More cost-savings in ventilating your home at only $2-$4 per month. In these dire economic times, such savings come as a Godsend.
  • Easy maintenance as there are no costly filters to change as the unit does all the work of eliminating contaminated air. What’s more, there are no water reservoirs to empty as opposed to dehumidifiers.
  • Entire home dehumidification because the whole property will enjoy the benefit of the EZ-Breathe system.
  • Recovery of more living space, especially in the basement, which in most cases you don’t use due to mold, odors and high humidity levels.

Well, the benefits of the system go on and on, but one outstanding factor remains that you will save money, keep your family healthier, and isn’t this what you always desired?