12 Feb 2017
Piering Stabilization A damaged foundation is the worst nightmare for any homeowner. Surprisingly, the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) says over 67% of homes require some form of foundation repair within the first 7 years. As a homeowner, you appreciate that your home is one of the biggest investments you can make in life and hence [...]
29 Dec 2016
Egress Window Systems in Bowling Green KY Are you thinking of finishing your basement? Basements provide additional square footage that can be used for just about anything. One common use is as an extra bedroom. If you plan to turn your basement into a living space, you are required by law to have an egress [...]
15 Nov 2016
Mold Remediation More people are becoming aware of the effects of toxic mold on human health. However, not many people are willing to invest in mold remediation. Many people brush aside the reports and warnings associated with mold infestations and assume that they can handle toxic mold on their own. While awareness of the dangers [...]
30 Oct 2016
Foundation Repair Do you have a concrete foundation? Is it chipping? The chipping of concrete walls is referred to in the foundation repair industry as scaling or spalling. When concrete walls set, small cracks form. Water enters these cracks from the surrounding soil when it rains. When the winter sets in, the water in the [...]
14 Oct 2016
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Lexington KY Have you ever come across the term ‘stack effect’? This term is used to describe the process through which air moves through your home. If you have a crawl space, the air in your crawl space will move through the floor boards and into the living space above. The [...]
29 Aug 2016
EZ Breathe A home with high humidity levels is a happy home for mold. If you want to prevent mold, it is vital to ensure that you control the level of moisture in the home. Contrary to popular belief, mold growth isn’t isolated to the basement, bathroom or kitchen. Mold can grow anywhere in your [...]
14 Aug 2016
Foundation Repair in Elizabethtown KY You may have a beautiful home but a foundation that is in need of repair. Not many homeowners realize just how vulnerable foundations can be. They can succumb to settling and cause serious issues as a result. What is Settling? Settling is something that takes place over the course of [...]
Water Damage Remediation Tips Water damage can be defined as any damage, destruction, or repairs that water causes to any surface. For the most part, almost anything that water touches, it damages and more often than not, the damage is permanent. In this context, we are going to consider the basement of homes and what [...]