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Post Repair Maintenance Bowling Green, KY

Repair Maintenance So you got your foundation cracks sorted and the repair was successful. Is that it? Short answer is no, you still have a bunch of things to do to make sure it never happens again. While it may not really be possible to control what goes on under the soil or control the

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What is Wall Rotation and Why is it Bad News? Elizabethtown, KY

Wall Rotation There are a number of indications to damaged foundations and as we have discussed in detail in previous posts, they are often manifest in the walls. Cracks and other signs of structural damage are also good indicators, you should be aware of them, and not take certain types of cracks easily. There are,

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Shallow vs. Deep Foundation Repair Owensboro, KY

Shallow vs. Deep Foundation Repair Is your foundation sinking? There are two types of foundation repair to consider when faced with a sinking foundation. These are shallow and deep repair. It is important to consider the merits of the different types of repair in order to choose the best system for your situation. Deep repairs

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crawl space waterproofing

Common Questions about Crawl Space Waterproofing in Bowling Green KY

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Bowling Green KY When homes are constructed with a crawl space, the space is often left open with a vent. However, a home inspection will often reveal that such a space is prone to moisture damage. If your home inspection reveals the presence of mold or other signs of moisture problems,

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Basement Bugs: A Guide to Creepy-Crawlies

Most people shudder when they think of creatures like centipedes, silverfish, and spiders. Even in the Kentuckiana region, where a rich ecosystem allows for high insect populations, many people are disgusted and even frightened when these creepy-crawlies are seen outdoors. However, they’re infamous for sneaking into homes and sending the residents screaming and cringing away

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