Our Bone Dry Waterproofing System Solves:

Basement wall cracks or floor cracks, Cracked concrete wall repair, cracked concrete foundation wall, cracked concrete basement wall, cracked concrete block walls, cracked concrete driveways, cracked concrete steps, cracked concrete strairs, repairs for all concrete cracks

  • Wet basement – we can help keep your basement dry for life
  • Leaking basement walls, or leaky basement floors? We can help stop leaking basements for you. Call today. French drains  are one of the most effective ways to prevent leaky basements.
  • Foundation cracks – horizontal, vertical, and on lab, poured, stone, old foundations or new ones.
  • Basement walls leaking, basement floor leaks
  • Bowed foundation walls – Wall stabilization
  • Leaking cove joints
  • Windows won’t open/shut or are difficult to open/shut – hints at a sinking foundation which we can help with
  •  Dampness leads to mold and/or bugs in your home. It is caused by water from outside of your home seeping in through the walls or floors – We have a wide variety of interior and exterior waterproofing systems we can implement to protect your home for life! Only then does finishing your basement become feasible
  •  Land drainage problems – if water is pooling in your yard you may want to consider a drainage system to address the issue.  Poor yard drainage can lead to serious damage in the long run.