13 Feb 2019

Moisture Control

The amount of moisture found in your home depends on the area and climate where you live. Water is drawn to valleys and sunken landscapes. Areas closer to the sea and other large bodies of water will have higher humidity levels and tend to have more moisture problems.

Moisture in walls, ceilings, and floors of homes can cause a major mold problem. Mold can destroy your home from the inside so it is best to prevent it before it becomes a major problem.

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Listed below are some moisture control measures you can take in your home:

In Kitchens and Bathrooms

Simple everyday things like showering and cooking can add much unwanted moister into your home. The best moisture control method from these types of activities is to install an extractor fan in your bathroom and above your stove. This way most of the steam is immediately removed before it can stick to walls and ceilings. Extractor fans can be purchased from any leading hardware store and many of them can be self-installed with little handyman knowledge.


Many people use humidifiers in their homes, but if you notice moisture developing on windows, you should switch the appliance off. If you need it on for health reasons, make sure the room/house is very well ventilated. Alternately try and regulate sessions so that it is not on continuously.


Carpeting retains more moisture than other floor types. If you have carpets, make sure they are washed regularly with specialized carpet cleaners. Ones with disinfectants or bacterial/fungal control are advised. It is extremely important to make sure that carpets are completely dry after cleaning. If you have concrete under your carpets, it will be wise to use a plastic sheet and sub-flooring barrier between the carpet and concrete.

Useful Appliances

For homes with moisture problems, it is always a good investment to buy a de-humidifier. These machines will remove any unnecessary moisture in the air. Air-conditioners are also helpful in removing moisture and water vapor.

Gutters and Drainage Systems

Your outdoor gutters should be attached to a draining system that transports the water completely away from your house. It is important to always check your gutters and drainage systems regularly. Make sure that they are not backed up or clogged, as this will cause water to diverted back to your house.

Water Damage

Always regularly check that your pipes are still in good condition. Any unnoticed leaking pipes will definitely cause moisture problems. However, if your home does end up getting water damaged, it is important to dry it as soon as possible. The water damaged surface should not remain wet for longer than two days, otherwise mold will start to grow.

If you are struggling with moisture problems, go to your local hardware store and ask the consultants for advice. They are qualified to help you with these types of problems. When it comes to moisture and mold, prevention is always better than cure.

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