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Condensation in the crawlspace of your home is a serious issue that over time can have a detrimental impact on the structural integrity of the building. The most obvious and most serious sign is the dry rotting of your wooden floor joints.If these joints feel wet to the touch or the wood starts to flake away then it’s a sure sign that the atmosphere in the crawlspace is far too damp.

  • The dank, musty smell of rotting wood and/or the musky smell of mold and mildew. We’re not saying that the space underneath your home should smell like flowers and perfume, but if you are hit by a seriously unpleasant, damp odor whenever you are in the crawlspace or cellar then there’s a strong possibility that something is seriously wrong.
  • Wet insulation. A bed of moist insulation is the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria and even insect colonies. This can lead to allergic reactions and severe respiratory problems for the inhabitants of the house. In addition, wet insulation negatively affects its ability to do the job it was designed for, making it more expensive to heat your home.

Crawl space mold — Wet insulation will often detach from the roof of the crawlspace, making it easy to spot and it’s not unusual for small numbers of insects to be colonize in unshielded crawlspace, but when huge numbers of insects start to build up, it could be indicative of a moisture problem. Insects love to live in wet locations and these conditions promote breading and infestation.

Fixing Crawlspace Problems


In the majority of cases, the best solution for these issues is to encapsulate the crawl space using vapor shield technology. They were designed to stop water vapor and gases from the soil from building up in your basement and moving around your home by preventing vaporous gases in the soil from building up in your basement. Vapor shields also limit the evaporation in the crawl space and lower the overall humidity of your home. Once the crawlspace, or cellar, has been fully encapsulated, you can rest assured knowing that moisture will no longer build up. It also keeps the wooden joists dry and sturdy, and stops your homes insulation from becoming wet and damaged. Vapor shields are by far the best solution for this particular problem.

They also have added advantage of keeping out rodents and other unwanted visitors such as ants or termites.

Vapor shields are often best used with conjunction with a drainage system, either using a sump pump or a French drain. If you’re not sure exactly which type of system your crawlspace needs, give us a call and we’ll send one of our experts to your home to do a free inspection. We’ll explain the issue that you’re having and lay out a plan to permanently solve your problems. We are very approachable and love to answer your questions! Just give us a call or email us today.

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