13 Jan 2019

Do You Have the Right Contractor for the Repair of Your Foundation Wall Cracks?

The mere mention of foundation wall cracks is enough to send shudders down the spine of any home owner. However, with the right contractor assisting you, you can be sure that you’ll have the cracks repaired for the long term. But, that’s just it. How can you know if the contractor you’re considering hiring is the right one?

The following are three important factors to consider:

  1. Their workmanship

If you’re going to be spending money on repairing wall cracks, you should ensure that they will be repaired right. You should consider the contractor’s workmanship. Take a look at photos of jobs they’ve done. Are the cracks visible after the repairs?

Another great way to determine their level of workmanship is to read reviews. What do their past clients have to say about their work? Are there any complaints about the results? Did the results last for a long time?

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Ensure that you hire a contractor that is skilled in the repair of cracks in concrete foundation walls.

  1. The materials they use

The materials used for the repair will have a profound effect on the finished result. It is important for the contractor to use the right materials to ensure proper bonding and a great finish. If the contractor is using a specialized system, they should have the right training and experience to apply the system.

If the contractor proposes the use of new materials that are unproven, it is important to discuss their merits with them. Do your research to ensure that the solution will be worth trying.

  1. The procedures they use

There are various methods of repairing wall cracks. Some are ineffective when it comes to cracks in concrete walls. They will result in sloppy results or will not hold for long.

The contractor should be aware of the best and latest repair procedures for concrete cracks. They should be able to provide you with high quality from resurfacing to grinding and polishing. This is especially important when dealing with a finished basement. The cracks should be repaired so that no one will know that there was a crack in that part of the wall in the first place.

Ensure that the contractor can provide you with a comprehensive solution that addresses the root cause of the cracks. This will ensure that you won’t be addressing the same issue any time soon.

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