13 May 2017

EZ Breathe

Many modern homes have garages directly attached to the main building. This makes it convenient to access your car and the house especially in bad weather. The problem with this layout arises when you consider indoor air quality.

Many people are aware of how toxic car fumes are. Carbon monoxide and other gases in exhaust fumes can result in death when inhaled in high concentrations. Recent studies have shown that these gases are in higher concentrations within homes with attached garages than in homes with separate garages or where cars are parked outside.

Does this mean that you have to move to another home? Don’t put your home up for sale just yet. There are ways that you can improve the quality of air in your home and still enjoy the convenience of an attached garage.

The EZ Breathe Solution

You don’t have to spend hours in your garage to be exposed to poisonous fumes. Volatile compounds such as benzene are easily spread to the rest of the home once they are airborne. You’ll therefore need a solution for the whole home.

EZ breathe offers you just that. This system does what no air conditioner can do. It will help you vent polluted air out and bring in fresh air from the outdoors. This helps to ensure that your home’s air remains unpolluted and safe to breathe. The system covers the entire home. You therefore won’t have to invest in separate systems for different rooms.

Other Tips

Apart from venting air out of the home, you can also apply the following tips to reduce exposure to toxins from exhaust fumes:

  1. Turn it off

Avoid running your car for a long time when it is in the garage. This goes for any other mechanical system that relies on fossil fuels. Turn off the engine as soon as you have parked your car. This will avoid the buildup of exhaust fumes in the garage.

  1. Keep the door open

Don’t start your car when the garage door is shut. Always ensure that the garage door is open, then start the car. This helps with circulation of fresh air in the garage.

  1. Put a lid on it

Garages are spaces where we often store items such as paint cans and other harsh chemicals. Ensure that these containers have their lids on at all times while in storage. This will help to reduce the volume of volatile substances being distributed in your home.

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