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Homeowners pay anything from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for crawlspace waterproofing. It is, therefore, not surprising that some wonder whether their contractors pull figures out of thin air.

The vast discrepancies in prices for crawlspace waterproofing can be attributed to the following variables.
Crawl Space Waterproofing | Louisville, KY | Bone Dry Waterproofing

  1. The size of the crawlspace

The size of the crawlspace will determine the amount of material required to waterproof the space. Waterproofing contractors consider the height and square footage of the area to determine the volume of materials needed. This consideration is especially important when encapsulating a crawlspace.

The size of the crawlspace will also affect the labor force needed. A larger crawlspace means more workman hours. You can, therefore, expect a more substantial labor charge for a larger space.

  1. The type of work to be done

Crawlspace waterproofing isn’t always as straightforward as many homeowners hope it would be. For the waterproofing process to be effective, contractors may be required to do some prep work before encapsulating the space. The prep work may include getting rid of standing water, mold remediation, repairing and replacing rotting joists, and much more.

If your crawlspace is in a bad state by the time you’ve contacted the waterproofing contractors, you may have to spend a few thousand dollars more to ensure it is clean and safe before encapsulating the space.

  1. The encapsulation system used

Not every encapsulation system has the same creation. The cost of waterproofing your area gets a significant influence on the type of system used. For example, a 12 mil vapor barrier will often cost much more than a 10 mil vapor barrier. A larger dehumidifier will drive up costs while a smaller dehumidifier will be cheaper.

  1. The contractor

Different contractors charge different fees for the services. Some contractors charge at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, and others will shoot for the lowest possible price. The varying charges make it essential to compare quotations from different contractors.

Be sure not to focus only on the total cost outlined in the quotation. A contractor that may be charging a low fee may be cutting corners to offer you a lower price. The results of their work may be substandard. It would be best to pay a fair rate and get long-lasting results from waterproofing. Do your homework to ensure that what they offer is a comprehensive solution.

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