29 Aug 2016

EZ Breathe

A home with high humidity levels is a happy home for mold. If you want to prevent mold, it is vital to ensure that you control the level of moisture in the home.

Contrary to popular belief, mold growth isn’t isolated to the basement, bathroom or kitchen. Mold can grow anywhere in your home as long as they have enough water and organic material to support their growth. Steam and damp or wet clothes can be enough to set off a mold infestation.

A Solution for the Whole House

EZ breathe is a revolutionary ventilation system that can help maintain healthy humidity levels in your home for much less than it would take with a regular dehumidifier. The system is not only effective for keeping the basement dry but for circulating clean and healthy air throughout the home. The system is designed to improve air quality and is the ideal solution for anyone who understands how mold infestations occur.

Steps to improving humidity levels in the home

While EZ breathe is highly effective, there are various steps you can take to ensure that you get the most out of the system.

  1. Have your home tested

It is recommended that your home should not have a humidity level higher than 60%. Your heating units should also be regulated to not more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. These conditions will help to prevent the growth of mold as well as bacteria.

It is therefore important to know where you are starting from. A hygrometer will tell you just what the humidity levels are in your home. Be diligent in your testing. Don’t confine your tests to only one part of the home. Be sure to test the home room by room. This is because the humidity levels may differ from one room to another depending on the activities and conditions in the room.

This information will go a long way in informing the installation of your ventilation system.

  1. Install the EZ breathe system

Ensure that you only use licensed contractors to install the ventilation system. They will carry out their own tests to determine the best way to install the system.

  1. Install exhaust fans

To get even better results with your ventilation system, ensure that you install exhaust fans in rooms where high levels of moisture are produced, such as the bathroom and kitchen. These will further encourage circulation of air when the rooms are in use.

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