13 Oct 2017

Mold Remediation in Elizabeth KY

Mold is one of the most dangerous things you can have growing in your home. The metabolic gas produced by this fungi growth poses some serious risks for people. This is why you need to discover some ways for mold remediation and prevention. Once you notice any sign of mold growth, it is better to evacuate that space until the problem is resolved. For a better inspection and mold treatment, get in touch with a specialist.

Mold Remediation

When you see mold, you are tempted to just clean it away and you have the illusion that it’s gone forever. Unfortunately, this is similar to wiping your nose when you have a cold without actually taking any medication. There are many things you can do by yourself to remove mold or mildew. If the mold is too advanced, you will need to call an expert.

  1. Check for Leaks

If you see that the mold grows on exterior walls, check to see if there are any leaks in the roof. The leaks can also come from the vents or windows. Have a look at the ground around the house. If you see the earth collapsing towards the house, it can be a cause of mold. This is because moisture will get in the foundation walls and create moisture.

  1. Fix the Ductwork Insulation

A damaged ductwork insulation could be the reason for water leakage and mold creation. In this case, all you have to do is to fix the insulation.

  1. Use an Antimicrobial Spray

Once the mold is removed and the area is dry again, use an antimicrobial spray. This is like a medicine to prevent the mold from appearing again in the future.

  1. Build with Mold Resistant Materials

Sometimes the damage is so bad that you need to rebuild certain areas. In this case, make sure you only use mold resistant building materials. Most probably, these materials are also resistant to water and moisture. When it’s time to paint the walls again, make sure you choose a mold-resistant primer.

  1. Remove Bathtub or Shower Mold

Mold loves to stay in the bathtub or shower area because of the high level of humidity. Use an antimicrobial solution and make sure you seal the grout.

Mold is difficult to get rid of, but it is possible. If you feel like you tried everything and the mold stains will not go away, ask guidance from a professional.