How The Pier System Works

The Foundation Piering System segmented the shaft of the pier into 12-inch interlocking segments so the pier could be installed directly under the center line of the weight of the wall being lifted.

The bracket was then inverted and rides against the bottom of the footing as a load bearing plate that rotates as the structure is lifted. The location and configuration of the pier combined with the highest compressive load carrying capacity in the industry makes it obvious…

This pier simply cannot fail!



This system is the best foundation piering system for all homeowners because of the following:

  • Number One – The Foundation Piering System is the number one method in the foundation repair industry for providing homeowners with a permanent foundation repair solution.
  • Correct Position – The double-walled, heat-extruded steel tube is positioned directly under the center of the wall to be lifted or stabilized.
  • Strongest Support – The pier is hydraulically driven all the way to bedrock or stable strata provides the deepest, strongest foundation support available.
  • Concentric Loading – The patented rotating head assembly maintains concentric loading during the lifting process.
  • Adjustable Shimblock – Traditionally, the house must be over-lifted to insert shims. Our adjustable “shimblock” eliminates the need for over-lifting which can cause damage to the structure.
  • Revolutionary Piers – The piering system is so revolutionary, it is patented by the United States Patent Office. (Patent numbers: US 8,851,800 B2, US 8,821,073 B2, and US 8,206,063 B2)