Our representatives are experts at dealing with drainage issues. They will get to the root of the problem, discovering exactly why water is building up at the base of your home’s foundation. Whether the issue is a poor perimeter drainage system, soil grading or any other underlying problem, we will quickly identify it and fix it. We will also perform the heavy duty repairs that will permanently restore the structural integrity of your home!

Depending on the severity of your foundation issues, these repairs can involve drainage, retaining walls or various other options depending on your specific situation. Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach & every homes foundation will have a different set of problems that need to be addressed, we customize our foundation repair solutions specifically to meet the needs of your home!

For peace of mind, get in touch with us today for your free inspections. We will send one of our experts to your home to conduct a thorough, free interior and exterior inspection. When were done, you’ll know what’s causing your problems, the solutions available to you and exactly how we’ll fix it so that it never happens again!



How can we fix the foundation of your home?

Once you’ve spotted one, or several, of these issues, it’s only natural to be concerned. Many people attempt to fix foundation problems themselves by injecting the cracks in their foundation with epoxy putty, and while it appears to solve the issue superficially, it is really just a temporary solution and the problems are more than likely to reappear.

Rather than simply addressing the multiple symptoms, it’s more important to deal with the root of the problem and most of the time water is the culprit. The key to a strong, stable foundation is to maintain a well-designed drainage system that extends several feet out from your home. Poor drainage allows water to accumulate around your homes foundation, slowly softening it up and allowing it to shift. Water also causes soil to expand, which puts tremendous pressure on your foundation and causes cracks to appear over time.

We will educate you and your family about the cause and solution for each repair. Call Bone Dry Waterproofing today for your no cost consultation.

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