26 Nov 2019

Foundation Repair | Lexington, KY

You have a home you are proud of, but you may have a foundation that is in need of repair. Not many homeowners realize just how vulnerable foundations can be until it is too late.

What is Settling?

Settling is something that takes place over the course of many years. It occurs when the footings of the foundation do not have adequate support. The footings, therefore, sink further into the ground. While your house may not sink completely into the ground as is the case with sinkholes, settling can result in serious problems with the structure of your home. Fixing these problems can cost a lot of money. It pays to recognize issues that require foundation repair early.

Foundation Repair | Lexington, KY

Signs of Settlement

If your foundation is settling, it is important to ensure that you invest in foundation repair as early as possible. This will ensure that the problem doesn’t escalate and that you save a lot of money in the long run in terms of repair.

Look out for the following signs.

  1. Cracks on your walls

Visible cracks on the exterior and interior of the walls of your home are usually a sign of settling. The appearance and location of the cracks are a good indicator of whether the problem is a foundation issue or not.

Stair-like or horizontal cracks are a good indicator of foundation issues. Also, look out for wide vertical cracks and cracks in drywall and wood paneling.

  1. Slanting in mortar joints

Sometimes the signs of foundation settling may not be as obvious as large cracks along the walls. The sign may be in the mortar joints. You will need to measure the joints to determine whether there is anything amiss.

Masons take precautions to ensure that the wall bricks they are laying are level. It is therefore safe to assume that the shifting of the bricks is indication of settling. Check to see if the block work is level.

  1. Slanted floors

Are the floors in your home slanting in any given direction? You can check this using a level, laser line or tape measure. You can also inspect doors, beams and joists. Any sagging, tightness or excess spaces may be a sign of settling.

  1. Leaning or cracking chimney

Is your chimney leaning or cracking? An unstable chimney is indication of a foundation problem. This is especially true if the chimney was installed during the construction of the home.

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