26 Nov 2018

Keeping Basements Dry

Everyone knows that water is a necessary component for life. Nothing, and nobody, could live in a world without moisture—organisms are found wherever there is warmth and water.

But when we build our homes, there are some organisms we just don’t want to share them with. Molds, insects, and other unpleasant creatures often find their way into our basements, and for some homeowners, it’s difficult to make them leave. A damp basement is a great habitat.

Mold is the usually the first organism to show up in a wet basement. Most often, mold is smelled before it is seen. Mold grows and repopulates using spores, or airborne reproductive units, which negatively affect the air quality of the home. Flu symptoms, allergic reactions, and asthmatic episodes are prevalent among people who live in households with excess mold.

It is rare that mold is the only organism taking advantage of the moist basement habitat. Insects that feed on mold, such as booklice, grain beetles, plaster beetles, and gnats are frequent invaders of mildewy basements. Just like mold, these pests need a water source to survive, and fortunately for them, the mold offers them a food source as well. The problem is that they’re creepier, crawlier, and sometimes more destructive than the mold itself.

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The tiny mold-eaters in turn attract bigger predators. Bugs like spiders and centipedes are always looking for easy pickings, and if your basement is full of well-fed plaster beetles, then it’s probably a spider’s paradise down there. The more moisture you have, the more mold will grow. As more mold grows, more tiny insects will set up shop. And the more tiny insects that live there, the more troublesome predators will want to move in.

At best, these creatures are annoying and embarrassing. At worst, they are destructive and noxious to health. Exterminators are expensive, and DIY methods are time-consuming and difficult. There are several ways of removing pests from your home. But the only way to prevent them in the first place is with a dry basement. Be sure to hire an experienced professional contractor if you feel you have any of the above issues. This way you resolve any of your problems faster and with more efficiency.

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