30 Nov 2015

Basement Moisture

Moisture problems in the basement of a house are common. However, they are often not treated at the correct time nor are the reasons for the problem understood well by many. If a basement is not used much and is a separate section altogether from the living space above, it may not pose a big problem. However, if it is connected to the remaining parts of your house, the problem should not be taken lightly. Moisture problem in a basement can lead to adverse health conditions as well as significant damage to the house structure. basement-moisture

Here are some of the top causes of the basement moisture problem: 

Stagnant water

The presence of standing water in your basement due to a drainage problem or a basement leak is a major cause of the problem. A smelling and musty basement often indicates growth of crawl space mold, as well as, mildew. These are outcomes of a humid basement or water leaks.

Evaporation of moisture from the ground

If there is constant evaporation of moisture into the air inside a basement or a crawl space, your basement can become humid in the long run. At times, the walls of the foundations could be evaporating moisture inside your basement. Lack of timely foundation repair can cause such problems.

Outdoor air entering into basement

There can be a relative increase of humidity in your basement when you constantly let outdoor air enter into your crawl space. The air becomes cooler as it makes an entry inside your basement leading to relatively higher humidity.

It is important to get expert help to handle the humidity or moisture problem in your basement to keep your house as well as those residing in it safely.