13 May 2016

Water Damage in Nashville IN

Consider that your basement is flooded. You did not get basement waterproofing done, or it was not thorough. Now there is 3 inches of water in your basement floor and you need to get it out and dry out your home. You need recoup your losses and save as much as you can, as fast as you can. So how do you go about it?

First thing to do will be to find out where the water came from. Once you find out, you will have stop the inflows and make sure the 3 inches don’t become 5 inches or a foot.

This is not happening only to you. Consider this; the American Society of Home Inspectors estimate that of all homes with basements, approximately 60% have some form of moisture or wetness in them.

Where does the water come from though?

In most situations, except in some special cases, the water comes from rainfall or melting snow. It soaks through the soil and seeps in through the walls or soaks in through the floor.

If you have a French drain system installed, it can be avoided to a certain extent. But if you do not have a water drain out system already in place, mere basement waterproofing may not be sufficient, especially in places where rainfall is high and is prone to heavy water run off.

Get rid of the water

The water can be pumped out with an electric pump, or with buckets. Either way, get the water out of the basement. If there are any leaks that are constantly pouring in and keeping the water levels up, try and cut it off. In most cases, however, the water that is already in is all that will get in.

Mop up

Do not let the floor sit damp because it may become a mold haven. Ventilate the basement to dry out the floor. Don’t forget to remove the carpets, if there are any.

If the floor is hardwood, you may have to work a bit harder. Get a dehumidifier going if you have one. Drywall damage may not be reversible, so cut out the floor skirting if you must.

Basement waterproofing is the next step. Call in the professionals for this one. They will survey the area and the house, and they will make sure that this does not happen again, or at least not this badly.