Water Damage Remediation Tips

Water damage can be defined as any damage, destruction, or repairs that water causes to any surface. For the most part, almost anything that water touches, it damages and more often than not, the damage is permanent. In this context, we are going to consider the basement of homes and what water can do it and how to remedy it or reverse the damages of the accident.

The first thing that is to be considered as damaged is the building itself. If water entered through a leak in the walls or seeped in through the floor, chances of there being some kind of damage to the structure is present. The building itself may be damaged and this includes the foundation. Get that sorted out out before moving on to the other pointers in this list. The second issue is property damage in terms of your furniture and other things that are part of the basement.

  • First thing to do is remove the water right away and plug the leaks, this has been discussed in detail before, so we can move on to the next point.
  • After the water is removed and the water leaked is plugged, even if it is temporary, the next step is salvage. You need to save as much as you can from the wet floors and walls. Move the furniture into an upper room and clear the room as much as possible.
  • Air the room out, open out ventilation, and have a few fans in place if you can. While the water is all gone, the wetness is still there, so you need to dry it all out.
  • Make sure there is no space for mold to grow. Mold needs three things to flourish; water, a surface to grow on and food. Your wet basement is plentiful in all three aspects.
  • Sanitize the basement. Get some cleaning fluids and get to work! Make sure there are no dirty spots and disinfect it just in case, you do not want to take your chance with germs.
  • If you have drywall, you may need to cut off the wet portions. It cannot be helped, it will warp after it dries, and will look ugly, you’d rather get rid of it.

Basement waterproofing is the next step, call in the professionals for this one. Do a thorough job at it, it is a solid investment for the house.