20 Aug 2015

Sump Pump Battery Backup in Lexington KY 40502

A basement sump pump saves your home from a flooded disaster. As water finds entry into your basement through cracks in the wall due to hydro static pressure, a sump pump works to protect your property and pumps the water safely away from your home.

But what happens when the power goes out as a result of a storm? Unless you have a sump pump battery backup in Lexington KY 40502, your basement could be in deep trouble. This is particularly important for those who rely on a sump pump to keep their basement dry when the water levels rise.

Interested in learning more? Here are some important facts to consider when it comes time to install a sump pump battery backup.

Type of Battery

The type of battery you need can be narrowed down to two choices. 1. An Absorbent Glass Mat, or (AGM) battery. 2. A Deep Cycle Marine battery, which are much like the older batteries that hold water. AGM batteries are smaller and last longer than Deep Cycle Marine batteries, but which one you need depends on your situation.

sump pump battery backup in lexington ky 40502


For battery construction, you have two primary choices: plastic or cast iron. Which one you choose, again, is determined by your particular situation and the type of environment in which it will be installed.


Pumping capacity is just as important as type and construction. Consider, for a moment, what might happen if the weather goes from bad to worse, the power goes out, and your backup sump pump battery can’t keep up with demand. Ensure that your backup sump pump can output just as much as your regular sump pump. If your regular sump pump outputs 35-60 gallons, so too should your backup.

Never underestimate your need for a sump pump battery backup in Lexington KY 40502. It’s a simple choice that could mean the difference between a flooded and a dry, usable basement.

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