13 Oct 2018

Do you have a wet basement? Waterproofing problems don’t always manifest as flooded basements. There are various signs that show you need basement waterproofing services. These include:

  • Pest problems in your basement
  • Decaying of wooden furniture
  • The appearance of mold or mildew
  • An musty or damp odor
  • Development of respiratory problems with no obvious cause.

Experience matters

If you’re facing the problem of a wet basement, you may be desperate to get it resolved as soon as possible. No one wants to have to live with the headache of a problem that worsens with every passing day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for the very first contractor you come across. It’s important to get an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.

  • They provided thorough inspections

Experienced contractors don’t dive into the work without carrying out a thorough inspection of your home. They know what to look for in order to identify problem areas. They will inspect your home from the roof down to the foundation to identify the root cause of your water seepage problems. You can therefore be sure of getting a comprehensive and long-term solution.

An inspection by an experienced contractor will include:

  • Visual inspection of the home inside and out
  • Collection of samples and having them tested in a laboratory
  • Exposure of leaks
  • Measurement of humidity and moisture levels.
  • Use of quality products

Contractors that have been working for years on similar issues will know what products to use in order to provide the best results. They will have built a reputation of providing quality in their services. A business that has been running for years full time has a lot riding on their reputation. They will thus not be willing to compromise on quality as this will mean losi

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ng business.

  • Greater control over project costs

An experienced contractor is able to carry out comprehensive inspection and testing prior to providing you with a quote for the work to be done. They will identify trouble spots and anticipate possible problems. This comes with having worked on similar issues in the past. You can therefore expect an accurate quotation with few chances of the cost of the project increasing as a result of unexpected issues.

Hire a contractor that is experienced, licensed and insured. While this is no guarantee of the end of your seepage woes, it does improve the chances of getting a comprehensive and reliable solution.