15 May 2018

You May Need More Than One Solution for Your Wall Cracks

Have you spotted wall cracks in your foundation? This can be a source of great worry to a homeowner. Foundation problems aren’t something that any homeowner likes to deal with. However, once the cracks have appeared, there’s no going back. The problem must be faced head on.

Many homeowners will invest in band aid solutions such as crack injections to fix the problem. The solutions will keep water out of the basement only for a short while. If you want long term results, consider a multifaceted approach.

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When dealing with wall cracks, it’s important to have your foundation inspected by a foundation repair contractor. This will help to determine the root cause of the problem. There may be more than one problem causing the bowing or shifting that has resulted in the cracks.

Several solutions may be applied to deal with the problem. The specific combination of solutions will depend on the cause of the bowing and the severity of the cracks.

  1. Crack injections

These are applied to seal the cracks. This prevents water from seeping through the cracks. It is also aesthetically beneficial. Crack injections are effective only when used in combination with other waterproofing solutions.

  1. Wall replacement

If the damage to the wall is too severe to consider repair, you may have to opt for replacement. This is often the case where there is severe cracking along the bottom of the wall. Your contractor may opt to replace the wall where the structural integrity of the building is compromised.

  1. Carbon fiber straps or sheets

These are installed to provide reinforcement for the wall. The carbon fiber prevents further movement of the wall.

  1. French drain

This is installed to reduce the hydrostatic pressure acting against the wall. French drains help to divert excess water from the soil surrounding the foundation. This reduces hydrostatic pressure as well as water seepage.

  1. Landscaping and maintenance

You may also have to make some changes to your landscaping. This may include removing trees or shrubs growing too close to your foundation and changing the grade of your land to have it sloping away from the foundation. You may also have to get your gutters and downspouts cleaned and repaired to prevent draining of runoff water at the foundation.

The multifaceted approach to repairing wall cracks addresses different problems that could have contributed to the formation of the cracks. It also deals with the cracks to prevent water seepage and hide them from view.